The Plexus Commitment to Quality

We aren’t a part of just another company- we are part of a company that is leading the way and setting industry standards🥇

The Plexus Commitment to Quality🎉

Becoming a Hallmark of Quality.📝
We dedicate ourselves to changing lives and promoting health, wellness, and success. Our products are the foundation of these goals, which is why we are committed to the highest quality of standards.

Every Plexus product is a reflection of our core beliefs.

Be Trustworthy: 🙌🏻
Plexus products are effective because we deliver on our claims. Our reputation is built on results and we take our claims very seriously. That’s why we verify every claim against published human studies to ensure that our products deliver the benefits that we promote.

Be Honest: 🤝
Plexus is committed to truth in labeling. Our label will accurately reflect our product so what you see will always be what you get. We regulate popular misleading terms on our packaging and promotional materials so that you will not be misled and are always free to make honest, informed decisions.

Be Reliable: 👍🏻
Plexus sets and maintains a high product standard. We not only set a high bar for quality, but we keep it there. Our products are checked for quality and then checked again. We want you to be just as confident as we are that you are getting the best product each and every time.

Be Responsible: 👏🏻
Plexus puts product safety above all else. We take great measures toward formulating the safest and most effective products. We don’t stop there, however, as we test every batch for purity and ensure that everything you receive is completely clean and safe.

These core beliefs exemplify our commitment to our customers and ambassadors. Our quality products are the measure of that commitment.

🌱Ingredient Sourcing 🌱

Formulating the best products means starting with the best ingredients. Plexus’ supplier partnerships begin with careful scrutiny. We ask them to provide details of their processes, their sourcing, and their testing. Suppliers that stand up to our review submit a raw material sample so that we may validate their claims. We conduct stringent tests to guard against microbiological contaminants and heavy metals. Once it’s clear that a supplier shares our passion for quality they are considered as an ingredient source. Our qualification does not stop there however, as we continually validate and re-validate our ingredients.

📝Our Product Claims📝

Plexus’ product claims are a result of clinical research and substantiation. The formulation of our products is guided by scientific validation rather than popular nutritional fads. We vet our research so as to only rely on dependable human studies to back our claims. When public research is inconclusive, we conduct our own published human trials to validate our product claims. You can be confident that our products deliver based on reliable study rather than nutritional myth.

Product Stability

Regulations do not require dietary supplements to have expiration dates. Plexus, however, holds itself to higher standards of quality. We conduct validated studies to establish a dependable shelf life of our products. This ensures that our products fully meet our proven standards of potency and purity throughout its printed shelf life.

🔬Our Manufacturing🔬

Plexus engages in best-practices of manufacturing. We hold our manufacturers to standards that are upheld by renowned third-party auditing organizations such as NSF and USP. Our facilities use the latest technology in equipment and controls to provide a sterile and controlled environment our products’ manufacture. Every Plexus product is manufactured and packaged in separate and defined operation rooms that are controlled for temperature, humidity, and air pressure. This process, along with HEPA filtration systems, eliminates cross-contamination and preserves product purity.

📣Allergen Statement📣

Plexus pays very close attention to its product ingredients and is specifically aware of any potential presence of allergens. Labelling of the 8 major allergen groups is required by the FDA, and Plexus recognizes the crucial importance of accurate identification of potential allergens. Our ingredients are checked for allergens down to the most basic level of derivation. Any potential allergen is clearly identified on our label. Allergen controls in our manufacturing processes ensures that there is no risk of cross contamination of allergens.

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