Isn't It Better to Just Eat Right?

I've been asked:  Why do you take supplements? Why do you take a probiotic? Isn't it better to just eat right?

Yes, in a perfect world, I AGREE!!! But our water, our food, the air we breath, the homes we live in... everywhere you turn is full of toxins and chemicals. Those feed bad bacteria and destroy the good microbiome. So I avoid all I can within reason.

People used to consume raw dairy, eat fresh saurkraut and other fermented foods fresh from the crock...Now everything is over processed. We don't get the enzymes and the good microbes we need. Our farmland has been depleted, then we refine and over process our food and add in some chemical "vitamins/minerals" which can actually harm those with the MTHFR gene (half the population).

So I try to eat right most of the time and encourage others to do so too - including incorporating raw dairy and raw fermented foods where possible. And supplement!!! The difference is amazing but not surprising because if you give your body what it needs, your body can heal and regenerate!

It just makes sense! What are you waiting for?

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