Your Microbiome Matters


* Microbiome is an entire ecosystem living within your digestive system (about 95% of the microbes in and on your body are located there) — it’s actually the biggest part of you.
* Not only are these microbes actually “good” rather than harmful, but our own health is greatly dependent on their health!
* Microbiome affects just about all of our physical and emotional capabilities.
* There’s also a well-established connection between a person’s microbiome and whether or not they’re going to be obese.
* Gut microbiome can also have an impact on how predisposed a person is to things like allergies and asthma. Additionally, an unhealthy microbiome can lower a person’s immune system and make them more prone to sickness and disease, especially autoimmune diseases.
* You’ve got quite a lot of control over how healthy your gut is and, by extension, how healthy you are.
* It’s more than half of who you are, so you want to ensure that you take good care of your microbiome, quite simply, by taking good care of yourself.

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