The Detox Struggle is REAL


The Detox Struggle is REAL.

Sometimes people experience some pretty major detox and Candida die-off symptoms like fatigue, bloating, headaches, skin rashes, etc. MANY of them cancel or quit Plexus because they can't handle feeling bad and are inadequately informed about what is actually happening in their body (the road to healing). Unfortunately, there's no way around it but to just GO THROUGH IT. In natural healing (healing the root cause, not just masking symptoms), you often have to feel worse before you feel better. Think about the counseling process for emotional's hard and hurts, but by exposing things to the light they are able to be healed. The same principle applies here with our bodies.

In addition to ProBio5 and BioCleanse, Slim is also very detoxifying. The alpha lipoic acid is a powerful natural chelator, capable of pulling toxic heavy metals out of the cells.
People who struggle with weight loss are often carrying a very heavy toxic load of chemicals in their cells and organs. Fat cells actually store toxins in an effort to protect the vital organs. Imagine how they feel, wanting to do their "job" and stick around. Until people detox, their fat cells won't feel comfortable going "off duty!"

There ARE things you can do to help your body detox more efficiently and faster, in no particular order:

-HYDRATING - Half your body weight in ounces of water per day
-EPSOM SALT BATHS - Soak for 20 minutes per night in a hot Epsom salt bath. Exfoliate the skin on your whole body with a brush or coarse loofah. Google "dry skin brushing" for best results.
-EXERCISE - Not only does exercise move toxins through your lymphatic system, but sweating is the body's way of detoxing through the skin!
-SAUNAS & STEAM ROOMS - More sweating! It's best to exfoliate your skin beforehand so toxins can release easier. Google "dry skin brushing" for best results.
-OIL PULLING - Google it! Swish organic coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes per day. Spit it in the trash!! DO NOT SWALLOW OR SPIT IN THE SINK!
-TONGUE SCRAPING - The tongue is an area of the body where lots of toxins exude from. Gross, huh? Get a tongue scraper and use daily.
-LYMPH NODE MASSAGE - This gentle touch massage should be done by certified professionals. I've had it done a few times and actually got a 103 fever after one of the sessions because so many toxins were moved through my system.
-DETOX TEAS - Drink organic detox teas daily that can be found at health food stores or online.
-LOAD UP ON VIT C & B12 - these are very detoxifying nutrients. B12 shots are awesome and only cost about $25-30.
-ALKA SELZER GOLD - I've never tried this myself but have heard it can provide some detox relief. It contains lots of citric acid and does NOT contain aspirin like regular Alka Selzer, so I'm okay with recommending it.
-FASTING - Good old fashioned fasting from food will help detox your body more quickly. You can do water only, or do a juice fast (organic veggies and fruit only), or do a vegan raw diet, meaning only eat uncooked plant-based foods. The enzymes in raw fruits and veggies break down unprocessed food in the gut and get things moving quickly. If you want to get really serious, consider doing a 10-day Master Cleanse to clean out the intestines and filter organs. Do not attempt this before reading the Master Cleanse booklet available at Whole Foods or online! Not for the faint at heart.
-JUICING - Invest in a simple centrifugal juicer (about $100, I love my Breville Compact). Juice ORGANIC VEGGIES daily, not fruits, which are already very high in sugar. Google detoxifying juice recipes. Beets are CRAZY powerful detoxifiers, but you have to be careful and start SLOW with them, otherwise they can pull so many toxins out so quickly that you will puke. I recommend mixing beets with carrots and greens like spinach, kale, or swiss chard.
-EATING CLEAN - if your diet is loaded up with chemicals, sugar, and processed foods, then you are sending your body mixed signals and are part of the problem that is jamming things up. Watch holistic health coach (and Sr. Ruby ambassador) Kim Wilson Pollock's 30-minute webinar for tips on eating clean that you should incorporate for lifelong healthiness (see link below).
-REDUCE STRESS - stress hormones are terrible for digestion, adrenals, and other systems of the body and hamper the body's ability to release toxins. Find ways to decompress and let things go, through breathing exercises and a spiritual practice of some sort. Also modifying your schedule so you have "margin" in your day is a great lifelong practice for reducing stress.
-POOP! - Sorry, it had to be said. If you aren't already on BioCleanse, get some! You can also mix chia seeds or psyllium husk in water or juice to get bowel movements going. If you have trouble eliminating "all the way" check out the "Squatty Potty" online or at Bed Bath & Beyond for proper body position.

IMPORTANT: Detoxing is not for the weak or the faint at heart. By speeding up your detox you will speed up the TEMPORARY unpleasant effects. If you cannot handle the effects due to the responsibilities you have at work or home, then plan your detox for when you are able to complete going through it. Either wait until the weekend to start, or until summer, or until when you can commit to the process mentally and physically.

Unfortunately there is no set timeframe it will take to detox. For some who are already pretty "clean" it may only take 2-3 days. For others whose bodies are more "toxic" or jammed up, it could take weeks. Most people experience waves of detox over time, as the body is able/willing to release deeper levels of toxicity. I wish I could say there was a magic way around it, but there just isn't. The poison we put in slowly over time is painful when it comes out. And the die-off of Candida emits by-products that make us feel sick as we expel them.

People with health problems should consult their doctor or naturopath before starting a serious detox process.

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