The Bandaid Epidemic

Just love so much what nurse practitioner Kimberly Critchfield Mortenson shares! Time to get rid of the bandaids!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

🚨ALERT!!! 🚨

👩🏼‍⚕️As a #nursepractitioner, I #prescribe and recommend medications every single day and a lot of the time those medications are VERY necessary. I am surely not anti-medications AT ALL but there are better ways to #treat a lot of these symptoms and issues people experience.

🤔Do you struggle with bloating, bad moods, #anxious feelings, immune problems, #achy body, throbbing head, digestive discomfort, stubborn #extrapounds and #sugar cravings? When these symptoms occur, what do you do? Do you turn to #medication? Yep, that is what most of us do because that is what we've been trained to do.
😵Do you realize you are just putting a #bandaid on many of your health issues with the medications you take?
🤓There are better ways to deal with your ailments and some of your problems can be reversed and even eliminated. You can be #preventative and #proactive with your own health!! 😀Doesn't that sound liberating???

💁🏼Wanna stop the #bandaidepidemic??? Get to the #root cause of your symptoms through blood sugar balance, gut health and systemic inflammation in the body. Plexus addresses all three of these issues so let's get you started!

💛What's stopping you???

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