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THIS! 💕🌱🙌

The trillions of dollars each year unnecessarily spent on medical care makes me 😠 & 😢. It's simply not necessary. 💔 So many people suffering with "incurable diseases", doomed to a life of misery and pill-popping, when the solution is very, very simple.

I don't say this from a place of judgment. The truth is that most of us don't know. What angers me is that the research and evidence is CRYSTAL clear on how to cure and prevent disease and yet the medical system is mostly not following that. Disease symptoms are normalized.

It's "normal" to have allergies during allergy season.

It's "normal" to struggle with our weight.

It's "normal" to feel achy.

It's "normal" to feel tired.

It's "normal" to have headaches

It's "normal to have a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions.

But it's not normal. And it's not necessary. And changing this isn't even that complicated!

And it's costing this country ALOT.

"Medicaid and Medicare are the single biggest drain in our federal budget. Annual spending on health care in 2016 was $3.35 trillion, or $10,345 per person (nearly $1 in $5 of our entire economy). And 80% of that goes toward the ongoing treatment of chronic lifestyle diseases that are preventable and reversible." (Dr Mark Hyman, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?)

👆I highly recommend the book that quote come from.

So what can you do?

-start grabbing a glass or bottle of water instead of other drinks

-try experimenting with grain free meals

-find a new way to eat and enjoy vegetables

-pick a just-as-tasty, dairy-free option on something this week

-use supplements that not only address the root causes behind disease but help your unearth cravings at the same time. #winwin

Pairing a diet made up of lots of vegetables, some good protein, heathy fats & some fruit with quality supplements that also address the 3 root causes behind your health issues might just be the ticket to feeling the way you've only dreamt of feeling. 🙏 I believe it. 💕

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