Inflammation is a Silent Killer

Are you aware of how inflammation damages the body and what that looks like?

It’s not something we hear about a lot, but many of us experience inflammation on a chronic level. 😬Things that increase inflammation can be foods we eat, medication, diseases/bacteria/viruses, blood sugar imbalances, leaky gut, chronic stress, poor sleep, and environmental toxins. I don’t know about you, but when I look at that list, I can identify!😂 So what effects do long term inflammation have?

😞Autoimmune challenges
😞Chronic infections
😞Mouth sores, rashes, skin disturbances
😞Heart disease
😞Cognitive decline (dementia/Alzheimer’s)
😞Aches and pains

It’s important to remember that chronic inflammation should be tackled from multiple angles, including diet and stress management, but if you struggle with inflammation, supplementation is pretty much essential in the plan that ANY naturopath, integrative MD, functional medicine MD, holistic MD, holistic nutritionist, or health coach would recommend. Plexus fits so well into this plan because of 3 things:

1️⃣Slim has anti-inflammatory antioxidants in it. It also decreases your cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods and your propensity to overindulge over time. Thus you make better, less inflammatory food choices. It’s an amazing tool to fight inflammation for those 2 reasons!

2️⃣ Gut health! Our Probio5, Vitalbiome, Xfactor Plus, and the PREbiotic fibers in our products fortify the gut by removing the bad organisms and building up the good. Look up “leaky gut” and you’ll be amazed! Having a healthy gut is necessary to decreasing inflammation!

3️⃣We have a powerhouse supplement called Ease designed to naturally decrease inflammation without any of the traditional side effects of medications that reduce inflammation. (Description in the comments!)

If you have autoimmune conditions, struggle with achy joints and muscles, do a lot of physical labor or activity, feel puffy and inflamed, or struggle with any of the above things mentioned, you have inflammation!!

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