Symptoms are our Body's Communication

If you have a symptom, it’s not because you’ve been cursed with that issue or just have bad luck with your health. Symptoms are how your body tries to tell you 🗣 there is a bigger, underlying health problem. May be time to listen 👂🏼 and make some changes from your old ways! 🧐

For example:

Tired every afternoon at 2:00Maybe it’s your body screaming... “hey your adrenals are fatigued, or your body isn’t absorbing B vitamins correctly, or your blood sugar is unbalanced.” You’re not just cursed to be tired everyday. It's your body saying it needs some help.

Do you have migrainesMaybe it’s your body's way of screaming...”I can’t handle the toxins you’re eating, or I can’t handle those chemicals you’re breathing in, or your gut’s lining has holes in it that’s allowing particles to pass through that shouldn’t be.” You’re not cursed to battle migraines!

Got heavy periods or bad cramps Menopause, Hot Flashes.... Maybe it’s your body screaming...”hey your hormones levels are so off balance, fix me!"

Living in a state of anxiousnessAre you weighted down by sadness and hopelessness Maybe it’s your gut letting you know that the bad bacteria has taken over and your gut microbiome is in desperate need of some repair & rebalancing... #fixyourflora!

You are not doomed to live in this dark and lonely place, you are capable of crawling out and breaking free of the invisible chains !

When you’re ready, Let's chat!

~Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed but sacred messengers who encourage us to take better care of ourselves ~ FoodMatters

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