What is Plexus Slim?

What is Plexus Slim, this pink drink everyone is talking about?

Our cornerstone product is a plant-based, naturally-sweetened, once-a-day, yummy-tasting drink that reduces stress on & inflammation in the body, and helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels, while burning fat & helping increase will-power over food. Because of how closely hormones are tied to blood sugar, the testimonials from folks drinking this (myself included) continue to blow me out of the water! Many people find it helps with all-day, non-jittery energy. A lot of folks with sleep problems say it helps them finally sleep better, etc.

Why is balanced blood sugar so important? And why these results? Well blood sugar affects your energy, sleep, your hormones . . . literally EVERY aspect of your health.

Just a touch of history...

Plexus Slim was developed as a natural plant-based consumable product for diabetics in hopes for bringing a healthier balance to blood sugar, therefore decreasing the need for diabetic medication. In the trial, they found that the diabetics were experiencing unexpected side benefits as a result of keeping the blood sugar consistently stable, like having better daytime energy and sleeping better at night. Some of the patients also noticed that as a result of keeping their blood sugar stable, when they sat down for a meal, their appetite was much more controlled. They also found that by keeping blood sugar stable, cravings for junk type food like chips, soda, crackers, & candy were brought to a minimum. Healthier changes like cholesterol, blood pressures and lipids were brought to a healthier balance.

Plexus Slim works and may help a person lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle (should they have unhealthy fat). It helps keep not only blood sugar and blood pressure at healthy levels, but lipids and cholesterol too. If a person did not have any weight to lose and just had cholesterol, unhealthy lipids or a blood pressure problem, they would be able to drink Plexus Slim for that health benefit and would not have to worry about losing weight.

There is no β€œdieting” with Plexus. Simply put, when the blood sugar is consistently stable the appetite is reduced, giving a healthy will power over food. Many people do find that they achieve a healthier weight as a result of the blood sugar being consistently stable.

Just for kicks, check out some of the symptoms of unbalanced blood sugar! πŸ‘‡ You don't have any of these, right?

βœ” Irritability
βœ” Anxiety
βœ” Depression
βœ” Mood swings
βœ” Poor concentration
βœ” Fat storage, especially around the midriff
βœ” Brain fog
βœ” Insomnia
βœ” Cravings, especially for sweet foods
βœ” Excessive thirst
βœ” Addictions to caffeine containing drinks and/or alcohol & cigarettes
βœ” Drowsiness during the day
βœ” Excessive sweating
βœ” Difficulty losing weight

This is why WE LOVE OUR Pink Drink!!

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