Nursing Moms and Plexus

Plexus for New Mommies?!? 🤔

I have been asked if Plexus is safe for new and nursing mommies. The TriPlex Combo is not only safe, it is a DREAM PRODUCT for new and nursing mamas… (and ANY Mama, really!🤗) Do you know any moms who deal with these issues?? How about ALL OF US, am I right?

For me personally, Triplex has done wonders to balance my crazy whacky hormones! It’s been amazing!😍

Here is why it’s wonderful for new and nursing mamas as well:

1) Hormone-Balance- This combination of products naturally and gently restores balance to your body by providing it with healthy bacteria to get your insides working optimally again! Good bacteria protect you from illness, help you digest, and help you absorb nutrients. That means more nutrients go to YOU and to your BABY instead of into the toilet! Gut health also has a noted effect on hormone and blood sugar balance (I definitely noticed that in myself… hormones had caused my skin and my menstrual cycles to go crazy. Not after I started Plexus!)

2) Constipation Relief- Pardon my word choice, but my fellow mommies KNOW… that first PPP (post-partum poop) is nothing short of terrifying! And it does not help when pain medication has made you extra constipated. BioCleanse is the gentlest, safest, healthiest non-food option out there for relieving constipation. And it has the added bonus of relieving muscle tension, oxygenating the body to ward off disease, and increasing energy levels!

3) And speaking of energy levels… for REAL, there is nothing like the gentle, natural, stimulant-free energy that comes from superstars AlpaLipoic and Chlorogenic acid (found in Slim)! I want these two in my body 24/7. Everything in the pink drink is a natural ingredient found in food… right down to the pink color (which comes from beet root extract.)

4) Sleep- Balanced blood sugar and a healthy gut have a remarkable impact on SLEEP PATTERNS. Before starting TriPlex, I would wake up to feed my infant daughter in the night and then lie awake up to an hour trying to fall back asleep. That does not happen anymore! I am able to maximize the windows of time where my kiddos bless me with sleep.

5) Cravings and Weight Management – Late nights and stress add up to big-time cravings and crashes. The ingredients in Slim and ProBio5 are proven to level out the peaks and valleys in our blood sugar and keep the body on a more even-keel course. This helps give us willpower over excessive snacking, and it helps us recognize when our food contains TOO MUCH added sugar. And that is SO beneficial to mommy and baby. Sugar does not do the body any favors… only weakens our immune system and makes us feel sluggish. Hear me say: Your post-partum body is beautiful, whether you ever get back to your pre-baby weight or not!! And ample calorie intake is a MUST when breast-feeding. But it certainly helps when your body craves healthy calories and you aren’t sabotaging your health with cookie binges and midnight ice cream parties.

6) Gut Health - Good bacteria help keep you healthy and illness-free. You pass good bacteria on to your baby via breastmilk, thereby strengthening baby's immunity as well as yours! And replenishing good bacteria becomes especially important if you or baby had to be treated with antibiotics before, during or after delivery!!!

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