Candida and Fermentation

So this it gross, but very important to know!! 🤔 Did you know that candida can be all over the body? 💅🏻 Toes, toenails, fingernails, groin, skin! It especially likes to invade the intestines and grow when good intestinal flora is low. GROSS!! Fat creates a breeding ground for candida and fermentation is a sign you have an overgrowth. Fermentation - like fermented Catsup? NO. When you feel bloated after eating, bloated - not full. ♨️ When you have to hold your nose or even the dog passes out when you pass gas - that's candida because of fermentation.

Gas with no smell = No Candida
BM with smell = Candida
BM with acid smell = Candida

Get it?! When the body has normal enzymes the gas will be odorless which is normal - deficiency in enzymes results in fermenting and bloating.

This is why I love Plexus's ProBio5 - it is chocked full of good enzymes and bacteria which specifically target candida (yeast) and not only tear down its hard shell but actually kill it too! Who wants this nasty body-decomposing junk in their body? Nobody.

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