Thyroid Issues and Plexus

When it comes to a low-functioning thyroid (like in the cases of Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s), there are certain nutrients that are absolutely crucial. Many of these can be found in three of my favorite Plexus products: Metaburn, Block, And XFactor Plus. If you struggle in this area, you might want to discuss these with your doctor.

Here’s why...
Plexus Block helps keep blood sugars on an even keel by blocking the absorption of up to 48% of carbs. This is important because thyroid issues and blood sugars issues are often related. For example, a low functioning thyroid leads to slow gastric emptying which delays glucose absorption in the intestines. Insulin resistance leads to thyroid tissue enlargement and the development of nodules. There are so many correlations that Hypothyroidism is often said to be a risk factor in Diabetes now.
Plexus Block also contains seaweed which is super rich in iodine! Thyroid cells are the only cells in the body that can absorb iodine. These cells take iodine and combine it with the amino acid tyrosine to make T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. So iodine and tyrosine are both crucial.
Which leads me to the next product...

Metaburn contains Acetyl L Tyrosine - a form of tyrosine which is needed for thyroid health. But...did you know that high levels of stress can lower tyrosine?! This can affect thyroid hormones as well as the production of dopamine and therefore MOOD. It can also affect the hypothalamus and adrenal glands which can further affect the thyroid and stress, making it a terrible, vicious cycle.
Metaburn also has ingredients to help boost mood, as well as energy and metabolism, both of which are typically zapped in cases of hypothyroidism. (** it’s important to talk to your doctor about tyrosine supplementation if you have hyperthyroidism as this is not typically recommended)

The thyroid needs other nutrients to work properly, many of which can be found in the XFactor Plus multivitamin. For example:
Selenium: The body uses selenium to make deiodinases — enzymes that convert T4 to T3— and it helps lower inactive rT3 and reduce thyroid anti-body formation. In fact, a European study showed that 200 mcg of selenium daily reduced antibodies and improved mood and well-being in people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (the autoimmune disease). XFactor Plus has 150% of the DV of Selenium.
Vitamin A: this is involved in production and secretion of thyroid hormones. It assists in converting T4 to T3, normalizes TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) concentrations, and aids in iodine uptake by thyroid. XFactor Plus has 5,000 IUs of highly absorbable vitamin A.
Vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, chromium, and iron all play roles in normal thyroid function too. Vitamin B6 feeds thyroid hormone production which has been shown in studies to reverse symptoms of hypothyroidism. It helps with a healthy stress response too, which is important for symptoms of autoimmune thyroid diseases like Hashimotos. B12 and riboflavin (B2) deficiency is very common in people with thyroid disease. XFactor Plus has 1,000% of the DV for B6 and B2, and 7,000% of methylated B12!!
XFactor Plus also has 100% of chromium and zinc, as well as 250% of Vitamin D3. This is important because some studies show that approx 80% of people with hypothyroidism are deficient in D3. But studies show D3 supplementation improves levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Another study showed Hashimoto patients who were deficient in vitamin D took 1,200 to 4,000 IUs of vitamin D every day for four months, after which time they had significantly lower levels of anti-thyroid antibodies.

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