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You know what's awesome?

I just walked by hubby's mint bowl in The Mechanic Shop showroom, something I do multiple times every day, and thought about snatching a mint, but realized I really don't want anything sweet right now. 🤷

It's fun to enjoy something sweet once in awhile 😋, but not feel like a slave to it. 🤗

Once upon a time I had crazy, insatiable sugar cravings. 💁 One of the 1st things I noticed when I started on the triplex, was that these cravings lifted. Gone.

Did you know sugar cravings are often a sign of yeast overgrowth in the gut? The same yeast overgrowth responsible for almost every disease known to man? Yeah, the yeast lives on sugar, so it craves more to stay alive. This is also why, when you begin killing off this yeast your sugar cravings may temporarily flare. It's cuz the yeast is screaming "heeeeeeelllppp!!! We're dying!!!!!! Feed us!!!!!"

So when you start the triplex I love so much, you might as well expect a short spurt of this, cuz the ProBio5 literally goes in there and kills those guys. And they don't like it. 🤷 I mean... I can't blame them, can you? 😍

But the rest of our body is grateful! 🤓 Check out this sampling of symptoms of yeast overgrowth in the image. 👇

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