How does the Triplex work?

How does the Triplex work?

Many of us have never even heard of Candida yeast before we began Plexus and some of us are still learning about it. Candida is a bacteria that naturally grows in our digestive tract. We need it. It actually will be a huge part of our decomposition when we die. So, it will never fully go away.

However, due to the massive production of processed foods, breads, crackers, prescription meds, birth control, antibiotics, antibiotic laden meats and milks/cheeses/dairy, our system very quickly becomes overgrown with candida. We suffer daily with chronic sinus infections, joint pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, low energy, skin rashes, eczema, food allergies and more and wonder what is going on??

When you start Plexus Slim: 1) You STOP the crazy blood sugar cycle that acts like an IV of sugar constantly feeding the yeast and keeping it alive and rampant inside of us. 2) When you start the ProBio5: This actually will kill candida at a cellular level. It also has healthy bacteria strains that repopulate the gut. Even though we have the ability to kill candida-we NEED to move it out or we just feed the existing candida. 3) When you take the BioCleanse: You create a highly oxygenated environment that does not allow candida to repopulate. It works well as "flushing" of the colon and removal of dead bacteria.

Candida- when it begins to die off releases gases that can make you feel bloated, gain weight, sluggish, tired, brain fog, constipated. It is vitally important to drink sufficient water, and keep your bowels moving. (Even diarrhea can be candida die off), take Epsom salt baths (because excess candida will deplete your magnesium supply at a cellular level), take your BioCleanse and barrel through it.

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