Bea shares | Happy Mind

Ever been so tired that you sigh constantly and uncontrollably? I'm talking beyond-the-yawn-how-are-my-eyes-even-open-am-I-actually-still-breathing-exhausted. Tired. Like all you want to do is cry because you're just SO tired but you can't because crying makes your eyes close and it’ll only make you sigh more. Sigh. Ever feel like you spend more time waiting on yourself in the bathroom than it takes to do a month’s worth of grocery shopping with kids in tow? Like, I must for real be a queen because I spent so much time on the throne. Seriously, where'd I leave my crown??? How about that blood sugar rollercoaster and hormone tidal wave? And the crazy never-know-what-to-expect cycles that literally take you out of the game for over a week and then you repeat it two weeks later? And again after only a few days… when will it end??? Oh, and what about that brain fog? My husband would point out to me in conversation that I hadn't finished my sentence. Wait, I was talking? Did I say anything good???”

I love the natural energy I get from this. Don't know how I lived before. This is my friend Rebecca's friend…

“Hi. My name’s Bea. Pronounced “bee” like the bug. This is me. This is what my life had become. I tried OTC supplements. They didn't help. I tried Rx medications, even off-label ones. Nope. They all made it worse and added to the fear that I would be stuck taking medicine forever once I got started. Ever been so desperate that you'll try pretty much ANYTHING??? I’d tried what felt like everything else so, what could it hurt to give Plexus a shot? I told my husband I was determined to give it 3 months. We didn't really have the money for it so, I rationalized… For the cost of one single doctor visit, I could get a 3 month supply of the ProBio5. The doctor was likely only going to assign another expensive Rx that wasn’t going to work anyway… I reached out to my friend Rebecca. I started on the ProBio5 and the BioCleanse. Results happened quickly for me. First came the relief I so desperately needed. Then my sleep started feeling deeper. Two months in and I was down 10 pounds!!! At work one day, in month three, I realized that I hadn't been responding to “how are you” with “I'm so tired”. Light bulb!!!! Like, out of the blue, it just dawned on me that I had energy! I was awake!! And I couldn't remember the last time I said that I was tired. That day I really focused on discovering what was different after starting Plexus. Here's what I discovered. I had energy like crazy. My mood was happy nearly ALL THE TIME. The brain fog was gone – I mean, I still say dumb things but, I think them more clearly now. I had more patience! The blood sugar roller coaster has stopped. I haven't had a crazy cycle for two months. I also noticed something that really surprised me. The inflammation was gone – just GONE! This Plexus stuff is the real deal.

Three weeks ago I became an ambassador and I added the Microbiome Activating Slim to my routine. Earlier this week I went down another pants size. I can't wait to see what else Plexus does for me! I just started my fourth month of taking Plexus faithfully and I never want to be without it again!!!!”