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I completely get Anne's story and I pray it will touch a life ❤️️

“This is my story of depression, anxiety, and OCD. It’s humbling to share, but of it helps one person, it’s worth it.

If you’re struggling with depression, OCD, autoimmune issues, brain fog, anxiety, or generally poor health that you just can’t quite figure out, this is for you. There is hope.

Some of you have been following my story and know I deal with significant depression and OCD. Now if you knew me as a casual friend in real life, you’d never know. I’m that bubbly person with a smile for anyone. Some days I cover very well. But I didn’t always. And people that were close enough… they were the ones that saw the tears.

For years well intentioned people tried to tell me that I just needed to pray and read my Bible more. No one understood that my problems weren’t spiritual, including me. I have always been a highly sensitive person. I hated this about myself. I didn’t understand that this could be a good thing. While I truly was struggling with things that would be devastating to any child and young adult (abuse, heart break, abandonment, being shamed, etc), I felt like something was wrong. My brain was constantly in overdrive. I could never rest. I was always in tears behind closed doors. I was unable to process my emotions and battled intense depression.

When someone suggested I try a hormone support cream, I was so saddened that I was so unspiritual that I’d have to rely on “medication.” I fasted and prayed. I was determined to be spiritual enough to fix what was broken. This was my pattern for years.

Years passed and I faced one heart break after another. God was so faithful to always bringer to himself and grow me in grace. But I still get like my mind and heart were broken. And then one day it happened. Tragedy struck so heavy and often. One moment I was kinda ok. And the next I felt like my mind had snapped. I won’t go into detail here, but believe me. It was bad.

A counselor finally saw that something was wrong and convinced me to try an antidepressant. Believe me, it took some convincing. At first I hated it. It made me feel worse. But then one day, my brain cleared. I’d been living in a dense cloud and didn’t know it. I didn’t know what I was missing cause if never know how normal people feel. I was shocked. But I had so many side effects and rapid weight gain (which I couldn’t combat successfully). I had to go off. But now I knew what I was missing. I now understood how much of my problem was physical.

In desperation I decided to try Plexus. Why? I decided I couldn’t lose anything. Here was my thinking.

1: It’s possible that if I improve my gut health, it may improve my chemical depression. But it may not. Plexus is my best bet at gut health which will dramatically impact my serotonin.

2: If I try Plexus and it works, that’s amazing and worth every penny.

3: If it doesn’t, I get my money back and have gotten months of healthy product into my body…free!

The only down side is that I’d still be out the cost of signing up. So it was potentially not a win win.

Less than 2 months later I met a new Anne. My brain fog and memory loss due to stress, my anxiety, and depression were gone. Perhaps it’s a fluke, I decided. So I discontinued it for a month or so. Yep. I’m not too bright. My house mate looked at me one day. “Don’t you think you should go back on Plexus?” She’d noticed how different I was on Plexus and off. I repeated this process several times. Again, not too bright. And each time I went back on Plexus when others in my life told me to. If you know me, you know that I’m very budget conscious and don’t spend money easily. This is why I kept discontinuing Plexus.

Ultimately this was my decision. I can not properly love God and others or serve well when I am not mentally healthy. I need to stay the course. I have got to do anything I can to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually well.

If anything I said sounds familiar, please do something. Know that you can get help. It is not wrong. It doesn’t mean you are unspiritual. If you love God and want his glory, if you love your family, if you love your friends… do something. It’s not hopeless. Let me say it again. It’s not hopeless. Am I saying Plexus is the in all, end all? No! It’s only a small piece of the puzzle. But, as my counselor helped me to understand, when I’m so emotionally or mentally struggling, I’m unable to take the other steps. I had to stabilize before I could get counseling or anything else.

If you have any questions or just need a friend to talk to about depression, please message me. I don’t share any of this for personal gain. It’s hard for me to do. I only share in hopes that at least one person will be helped.

If my reasoning for trying this (can’t lose anything) makes sense and you want to give this a shot… if you want help, send me a message. If you’ll remember, the down side for me was that I had to pay to sign up. From now till the end of the month (less than a week) I have a code I can give to 3 of you to sign up for free.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And now, no risk.

Btw… I took that pic before I started Plexus. Yep, That was how optimistic I get about it.

Oh… and I am now thankful that God gave me the sensitive heart I have. I’m so much a work in progress. Ask my husband. It didn’t make me suddenly perfectly sanctified. I still struggle, but I’m getting closer to being “normal” in how I process stressors. Now I’m able to read my Bible without being so overwhelmed I can hardly move, etc.

PS I didn’t start taking this for weight loss, although many do. But wouldn’t you know it, for the first time in my life I can eat like a normal person and not watch the scales!”