An Oops Moment | Weight Loss

This post made me giggle, but the point is Plexus is for EVERYONE not just women!!

“So this morning I got up at 4am so I could head off to my work site. Stumbling around in the darkness I found my clothes, wallet and keys. I mixed up my Plexus Slim and took off out the door!

When I got to work I went and checked my equipment on the rig, noticed a couple of guys laughing (I felt like I had walked into an inside joke) but said good morning and the went into my trailer to finish up some things.

So at 5am I headed over to give the company man his report and we chatted for a bit. On the way out I could feel him staring at me, but then turning away as I said see you later. It was then he said… Nice jeans man.

At that moment I realized that there in the darkness I'd grabbed and put on a pair of my wife's old jeans. I'd been walking around the rig with bling on my booty. And I was stuck wearing them the rest of the day because I did not have a spare pair in my trailer.

So…THANKS Plexus!! I guess…I never would have been able to put on Mandy's old size 12 jeans before I started this journey to health!!”

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