60 Day Trim Up: Troy Fitch

When it comes to setting goals, Troy doesn’t mess around. While he lost a good amount of weight during the 60 Day Trim Up™—enough to be a semi-finalist, in fact—he’s determined to lose an additional 55 pounds! He’s also working toward his second black belt, and training for a Tough Mudder race. You got this, Troy! We’re cheering you on.*

Most people gain a little weight as they get older. For me, that “little weight” was actually a lot of weight. I developed pretty poor eating habits in my youth, and you might say it “caught up with me” when I turned 35.

It got to the point where I was really feeling all that extra weight. My joints, muscles, and feet were tired, literally weighed down by the extra pounds. Also, I didn’t have much energy, and as a parent to six kids and a foster parent to more, low energy was just not an option.

When 60 Day Trim Up started, I knew this was my chance to put Plexus® products, and a healthier lifestyle, to the test. I’d take my products consistently, focus on eating healthier, and I would know, without a doubt, if this is something that would work for me, and something I would feel good about sharing with others.

I’ll be honest: exercise was not my focus during the challenge. I really just zeroed in on my diet and my products. These became my routine; plus, a high-protein diet focused healthy fats and cutting out carbs.

How did it work? I think the numbers speak for themselves. I went from a size 44 down to a 34 in pant sizes. There’s no way that’s a fluke. On top of that, I have so much more energy. I’m the one running my kids into the ground, instead of the other way around. Just about everything in my life is easier because of this weight loss.**

I’d always see people training for Tough Mudder or Spartan races, and I’d think I would never be able to do that. But now, running in one of those races is a very achievable goal for me, and I’m working hard to get there. There was no magic bullet to get me here, but I wouldn’t have wanted one, anyway. The process has made me stronger, thinner, and happier, and I’d do it all over again.*

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