60 Day Trim Up: Melissa House

Melissa had already made big strides towards becoming healthier and happier, but there was one thing holding her back from being the person she wanted to be—her weight. Unhappy with where she was at, Melissa kicked her healthy lifestyle up a notch to focus more on weight loss. She attributes consistency, time, and patience to her success, and now, she’s happier with herself overall. Well done, Melissa! 

For the past two and a half years, I’ve been focused on improving my health. Plexus® helped a ton with that. And, even though I felt so much better, I hadn’t seen many results when it came to weight. 

Some big life events led to me gain weight several years ago, and it’s been really hard to lose. That’s why I was all-in when it came to the 60 Day Trim Up™.

My family and I were eating healthier, but I really ramped up for the Trim Up—lots of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. I was super consistent with my Plexus products and my exercise; consistency is key for me!

I also used positive social pressure to my advantage. Having a Facebook group full of supporters, plus my very encouraging husband, made a big difference in my success. It was great to have people know what I was doing. They cheered me on and pushed me when things got tough. 

When all was said and done, I lost 20 pounds. I’m super proud of that progress. I’m totally committed to sticking to my healthier lifestyle. It takes time, but making good choices will pay off in the end. Now, I not only like the way I feel, but the way I look! *◊

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