60 Day Trim Up: Megan Brino

Sitting at a desk all day took a toll on Megan’s weight—eventually taking a toll on her mood. Feeling down on herself, Megan came across the 60 Day Trim Up®. She ultimately decided it was worth the effort, and knew she would have to make some major changes to her lifestyle. And, (spoiler alert!) it paid off in a big way. You ARE worth it, Megan! Congrats! 

The best way to describe my life a year ago is this—every day was a bad day. I was simply not a happy person, and my weight played a big role in it. I had a lot of stress because of the way I looked. I wanted to sit at home all day. I didn’t want to hang out with anyone or go anywhere because of the one big question, “what am I going to wear that won’t make me look fat?”

Finally, enough was enough. The 60 Day Trim Up was the kick I needed to make some real changes. A big part of the excitement for me was the Facebook support group. It kept me motivated to know I wasn’t alone. And, how I wasn’t only accountable for myself—I was accountable to everyone in the group. 

I had to make some hard changes, like cutting out fast food—and with having a busy life—it was hard. I’m a big lover of cake and ice cream too, so taking out the sweets was extremely difficult. Sometimes I couldn’t get to the gym and had to work out at home, and trying to do it every day was so hard. 

During the 60 Day Trim Up—I noticed myself starting to drink more water, and push through my workouts rather than resting on the sore days. And, I found myself starting to feel much better!

Thankfully, the hard work paid off. I’ve lost so much more than the weight—I’ve lost my worry about leaving the house, and my obsessions over what I was going to wear. I feel better about myself. Even though I want to continue to lose weight, I’m confident with where my body is at now. All of it has led to a happier me, and it’s something I’m so incredibly grateful for.* 

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