60 Day Trim Up: Lindsey Wood

Lindsey said she felt like she was trapped in a stranger’s body. Her physical appearance made her feel like she had lost herself—almost as if she didn’t know who she was anymore. Lindsey had some ups and downs when it came to weight loss, energy, and self-confidence—however, it’s clear from her story that she’s not giving up anytime soon. Her hard work paid off during the 60 Day Trim Up™, and it’s only the beginning. Keep it up, Lindsey!

A few years ago, I went to a Halloween party with my family. At some point, the kids and adults started having a dance party. It looked like they were having a blast, but I didn’t join in. Why not? Because I was embarrassed about my weight. 

That experience has come back to haunt me over the years. When I was younger, I was pretty fit and energetic, but as time passed, and especially after having children—my weight skyrocketed and my confidence plummeted. I didn’t feel like myself. I felt like I was living life on the sidelines, watching everyone else get out in the world and have fun. I was letting my weight hold me back.

Discovering Plexus® made a difference for sure. And, I knew the 60 Day Trim Up was my shot when it came to slimming down. I’d always known if I was ever going to put the effort into losing this extra weight, I wanted to do it in a way that would motivate and inspire others. This challenge was the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

I cut out sweets and tried not to eat out. Thankfully, I’ve always liked healthy foods, but sometimes convenience would win out. I stopped drinking soda and replaced unhealthy snacks with healthier options. I let my Plexus team cheer me on—I’ve always been really grateful for them, and the support they gave me during the Trim Up was amazing. Since several of us were doing the Trim Up together, we could cheer each other on, and encourage each other through the rough days. It made all the difference. 

There’s still a long way for me to go as I keep working on losing weight. I have big dreams and big goals for myself. And, I’ll be forever grateful for the 60 Day Trim Up, because it got me started. I’m moving in the right direction now, I’m making the changes I was too tired to make before, and I’ve already seen so much progress.

Since I started with a sad story, I’ll end with a happy one. When the Plexus Convention was coming up, I was invited to come up on stage. I wanted a new outfit, so I took some friends shopping with me. Imagine my surprise when I realized I didn’t need to shop in the plus-size section! Hashtag-party-in-the-dressing-room! It’s that feeling that makes it all worth it. 

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