60 Day Trim Up: Lezlie Griffin

If you told Lezlie last year she could lose more than 20 pounds, and be happier than she’s ever been—she might’ve not believed you. Thankfully, she believed in herself—at least enough to take the 60 Day Trim Up™. Now, all those things have happened—and more! Lezlie is a great example of finding strength you never knew you had. Thanks for the motivation, Lezlie!*◊

I was stuck in a rut of bad decisions. After my second child was born, it was hard to eat right or exercise enough. I was tired all the time, and I wasn’t interacting with my kids nearly as much as I wanted to. Plus, as a teacher—the lack of energy really got to me. I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror. 

Plexus® got me back on the road to real health. That’s how I knew the Trim Up was something I wanted to try. I figured if the products had already helped me this much, it was worth putting in a little extra effort. 

To be honest, I made a lot of excuses in the beginning. There were days when I felt like I couldn’t do it. I had to keep telling myself—I wasn’t only doing this for me—but for my family, and for my career. If I wanted to see a change, I had to make a change. I encouraged a friend to go to the gym with me so I could have someone to hold me accountable. I looked up gym workouts online and tried a lot of new machines and routines I hadn’t tried before. 

I changed my eating habits, too. I replaced fast food with good, whole foods—I cooked a lot more at home and included protein and veggies in more meals. When I’d cook a healthy dinner, I would make extra for lunch the next day. Doing so, made it a lot easier to stick to my plan, rather than making a “hangry” rush for a burger at lunchtime. 

The changes I made, made all the difference in my life. I finally have more energy—even at the end of the work day. I enjoy getting dressed each morning because my clothes fit well. I can go out and do things with my kids with more confidence than I’ve ever had before. 

I’ve proved to myself I can do hard things. It wasn’t easy, and I doubted myself more than once. I know now I’m stronger than I think I am. And, I’ll tell you this—it feels really good. 

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