60 Day Trim Up: Danielle Heath

Discovering Plexus® was only the beginning for Danielle. The 60 Day Trim Up™ helped her take things a step further—helping her drop pounds—25 of them! She also rediscovered her confidence and energy. Keep it up, Danielle! *◊ 

I’ve had my fair share of health challenges. In fact, maybe I’ve had more than my fair share. Before I discovered Plexus, my energy was at an all-time low. I couldn’t keep up with my kids, much less the housework. It was really discouraging because I’d been pretty healthy my entire life. 

My Plexus story is like many others’. I was hesitant to try the products, but my results don’t lie. The change I saw from taking care of myself from the inside out was enough to convince me. And, my results before were enough to make me confident that doing the 60 Day Trim Up would help me lose some weight!*◊

The other big change I’ve noticed is my confidence. I love wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. I love believing my fiancé when he tells me I’m beautiful. I love being a living example of what these products can do so I can share them with others effectively. 

I love my life so much more now, and I’m so grateful I took the chance and put the work into making myself happier and healthier. Sixty days down, and years to go!

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