Better Health Journey

A Guide to Plexus: One woman's approach to health, wellness, parenting and more
Meet The Team
  1. Nikie Olmsted
    Nikie Olmsted
    This is me!
  2. Adam & Joanie Wegman
    Adam & Joanie Wegman
    These are my sponsors!
  3. Julie Pixler
    Julie Pixler
    My loving auntie and the lucky first to join me!
  4. Kimberly LeDoux
    Kimberly LeDoux
    My spunky, beautiful, glamorous friend!
  5. Sue Knudsen
    Sue Knudsen
    My creative and loving mama!
  6. Kiley Frank
    Kiley Frank
    An old friend and fellow choir member from highschool!
  7. Megan Josephsen
    Megan Josephsen
    My delightful and caring friend!
  8. Sarah Sundelius
    Sarah Sundelius
    A beautiful friend, wife, and mama!
  9. Nicole Goehring
    Nicole Goehring
    A childhood friend and fellow mama.
  10. Amy Guimont
    Amy Guimont
    A friend from high school and a total sweetheart!
  11. Krissy Andrew
    Krissy Andrew
    We go WAYYY back to grade school!
  12. Britta Joy
    Britta Joy
    An old co-worker and fellow boy mom!
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