Better Health Journey

A Guide to Plexus: One woman's approach to health, wellness, parenting and more

Diet and Wellness 

When it comes to diet and exercise, there is no "one size fits all", but there are definitly some general guidelines that will help everyone! - The most common question I recieve from those looking to begin their Plexus journey is "Do I need to change my diet for these products to work?" Simply put, the answer is no. Plexus products start where you are at and help you get to a better place in your health. HOWEVER, I will tell you that the average American diet is, I'll just say it, toxic. The chemicals in our foods from processing, pesticides, growth hormoes etc., soil depletion, synthetic nutrients, plus our sheer addiction to sugar have given the American public some of the highest rates of chronic disease in the world. Prices for insurance and medical care have been skyrocketing and we truly have an epidemic on our hands! Changes in your diet are not necessary to begin Plexus but I highly encourage you to use these tools to make the necessary changes in your life! As fantastic as these products are, there is NO magic pill that will make everything better. The phrases "You are what you eat" and "Let food be thy medicine" are famous for a reason! I have found that Plexus helps my customers to have the will-power and motivation to finally kick some bad habbits and that right there is so empowering! Below I will give you a few resources I found very helpful when starting out.  

Inflammation is at the root of most diseases

Corn and soybean oils, Pasteurized dairy, Refined carbohydrates, Conventional meat, Sugars, & Trans fats are the largest culprits for chronic inflammation. Click the article to learn more from Dr. Axe.

What's the Deal with gluten?

My family now only consumes gluten with sourdough or sprouted breads that still retain the necessary elements for our bodies to break it down. Read here on why gluten has become a problem for most people.